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Hi I recently installed Leopard and updated it all the way to 10.5.8. On A Power Mac G5, G4 Mac Mini 1.25 with 1 gig ram, and Powerbook G4 1.25, 15 inch with 2 GB ram. I have success on the same network with my new mac Mini dual I7 with 16 GB ram. But not the G4s and G5. I think I have  fulfilled all of the upgrade requirements I could find, but Apple TV 2nd Gen does not see the G4s and G5 home sharing.I have another Powermac G4 Dual 867 I can try but that is listed as the entry level processor for home sharing on a Apple TV.

In fact none of them come up in sharing in Itunes either, including the I7 Mac Mini.

Any caveates or missed steps anyone can point out would be very helpful. Thew specs say it should work but since it fails in the same way on so many machine, makes me think I am missing something