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alright, something is definitely wrong now.  it started a few weeks ago (iphone 4, up to date OS) when i tried to send photos taken with the phone via SMS.  it would take FOREVER, if i was lucky.  a good message would finally send after 5 minutes or so, but most would just choke and not send.  text messages - fine.  perfect.  brilliant.  picture attached?  fuggedaboutit.  now it's doing it with email attachments as well.  tried to send a 179k pdf file from genius scan, and it tried for a half hour before i finally decided to either throw the phone across the room, or delete the message and scan with my desktop scanner so i could send it from my computer.  i opted for the latter, in case you're wondering.  regular text emails - fine.  perfect.  brilliant.  attached file - AAAAARRRRRGHHHHH.  this can't be a coincidence, can it? 


tried resetting network settings several times, which has helped issues of speed in the past - no luck.  no idea what else to try short of total restore which i'd rather not do.  any suggestions?