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Hi everybody,


I'm a new Mac user. I'm a musician and I recently started to use a home studio for small projects.

Lately, I acquired some nice microphones to record a classical guitar and other acoustic instruments through Logic. However, something's going wrong and I can't make it work.


Before I describe the problem, let me tell you what I use:

- iMac (OS Lion 10.7)

- Logic Express 9

- m-audio Fast track ultra

- Rode NT5 condenser microphones



As stated before, I'm having trouble using my microphones. Logic just doesn't hear the signal. However, if I plug a guitar directly into the m-audio box andf then into Logic, I can record no problem. Same thing if I use an electric piano (Yamaha P-95) into the m-audio box then into Logic with the Midi sound bank, everything's fine! It all goes dead when I plug in the microphones. The weird thing is that I can hear and see the signal through the m-audio box using headphones. However, Logic doesn't even show me a sign of any activity. I thought it had something to do with the Phantom power, but no. I tried and nothing. My guess is that something needs to be activated in Logic but I just can't find it.


Anybody with an idea?





iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)