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Could someone Please point me to the workflow or set up where I use Quemaster, etc. to take advantage of my Multiple cores on Quadcore 2011 iMac. All I have discovered is info on virtual Clusters wirth Compressor 3. Confused about shared services, etc. No will not be farming out to other Macs. Just want to take advantage of Multicores on my Machine.




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    Hi Golan.


    The kind of distributed procesising you want to achieve has ben discussed many times here. Take a look at this Apple descrtiption


    Good luck.



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    If and when you get this working. I have found for example; using this option to trans-code a video file to ProRes take long to encode. It's some time to rejoin the video file back together. (The same holds ture with having the fast-start option turned on when trans-coding to ProRes.)


    This can take up to as much as twice the time to accomplished depending on how fast your drives are...


    This opion however works great when encoding to MPEG-2 or h.264.