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First, here's the equipment: Mac Mini i7 with OS X.7.3; AEBS; Pioneer home theater receiver; iPhone 4; various other unrelated laptops that connect via Airport.


The question:


I want to connect my Pioneer Receiver to my wireless network so that I can control it with my iPhone. The Pioneer has no built-in wifi so I want to connect it to my Mini by ethernet. OK, so I connected the two together and setup Internet Sharing to share the Mini's wireless connection via its ethernet port. The Pioneer does indeed connect to the internet (I'm listening to internet radio on it right now), but it is nowhere to be found on the network. The Pioneer iPhone app cannot find it even though I type the Receiver's IP address into it, and I cannot see the Receiver as a connected device on any computer that is connected to the network. Attempts to ping the Receiver's IP address result in 100% packet loss. How can I get this thing to not only connect to the internet, but to also show up on my wireless network so other devices can connect to it?