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I recently bought a used Mac Pro, an upgrade from my iMac. I used the Migration Assistant to move everything over, including my vast iTunes library.


On this "new" computer iTunes keep asking me to Authorize the comouter in order to use apps on my iPhone and music in my library. After I reenter my username and password, it tells me this computer is already authorized!


I deauthorized my old one before selling it, deuathorized this one (and asked it to deauthorize ALL computers). I then reauthorized it, got rid of the SC folder, as another post suggested and STILL I am getting the same messages.


REALLY frustrating.


Anyone? Ideas? Solutions? Tap Tap Tap... is this thing on?


Thanks in advance,



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2x2.66 GHz Quad Core (8 cores) 16GB