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I fell in love with macs when doing my thesis in 1986 but had no need for a home computer until much later.

Budget left me running clone pcs with OS/2 and Win3.1 for a long time and I still love QBase, Dbase4, PMW, Symphony because they all "just work" ???

My first big budget Desktop was a Cube; next a ppc Powerbook G4 12" then a iMacG5. A heavily discounted 17"G4 Powerbook came next.

I got one of the first MAC Mini's at the end of this.

None will support Lion.


Now I'm looking at my little Lenovo 10" and thinking-- for £80 I can upgrade to Windows7 and move to iCloud, and use my derelict estate for Ubuntu.


My alternatives are:

Scrap my PPC kit and spend 1/2 my annual salary on replacing them with Apple kit

Scrap my PPC kit and spend 1/5 my annual salary on kit that supports Windows7(8) etc


I'm now looking at a strange situation where I can flip back to my black screen days (ok I still run a Spark10) whilst giving up on the premium of Apples hardware franchise, live with the pain of driver ****, and save a significant family holiday or a mortgage lump sum; on the basis that an etherial Cloud based service is unobtainable for the processor that Apple championed for 10 years!


Come on Apple. We are not all stupid.


I liked your kit because, for the price point, your hardware cost was worth it for the OS.

Now that Windows7 is there, you no longer have the advantage; especiallly as Adobe etc have forsaken you.


Give your PPC followers some slack and they will follow. Spit on them, you'll lose them for ever!

G4 PowerBook