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Want to buy an apple ipad 2 3G, however I do not want to pay for using the internet. Would I just be able to not use the 3G and just go Wifi. Not sure if i needed to use the 3g.

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    Your post seems contradictory but you can buy a 3G model without any obligation to use the 3G. Why spend money on the 3G model if you are not going to use 3G?

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    3G is an additional cost to you. With a full 3G contract assuming it requires at least 6 months of committment, that cost borne could really buy you half an iPad or anything like that. A decent contract with 12 months of committment + an ipad +3G could be well worth 2 wifi ipad; a reason why I chose the Wi-Fi version



    • Do you have an existing iPhone or any android that offers internet tethering (sharing)? If yes, tethering would allow you to ride on your data caps of your phone's contract, therefore you're not adding in any contractual agreement just for the ipad.
    • Is 3G a must have or good to have? How often do you require internet connectivity?