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The new iPad constantly losing cellular data connnection

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  • macdiverone Calculating status...

    Same with German Telekom and two iPad 3 - horrible!

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2 (490 points)

    Please note that the <fallback> from LTE to 3g is not consistent with the present LTE standard in all areas.  The LTE and 3g data packet technologies are not seamless and RTS and CTS issues may develop - only the new LTE Advanced standard has full Network certification for this feature.  The LTE Advanced implementation is patchy to say the least and the forward date for full coverage is not expected until 2015.

    A bit of jiggling depending on network\data provider may be required in the meantime.

    A log into your Data providers transmitter coverage and service availability pages should help clarify what you can expect.

  • D.Eftaxias Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hallo. Ihave the same problem in Greece. The Cellular Data Connection is lost. I have Vodafone but two timew in a day i have to get into Airplane MOde in order to make it work

  • FazerWiz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Tubalcain7358 wrote:




    I am in the UK on GiffGaff (pseudo O2) and did the sim pin trick at the Easter weekend, it seemed to work for me...until yesterday! I was at work and went to an area with bad reception, so signal dropped down to GPRS/edge. When I returned to my desk I saw it had picked up 3G again, guess what no connection! So I am now of the belief that it is when changing from 3G to 2G and back again that the problem occurs etc. I too am going to try 3 as I understand they are only 3G providers. I can do this as I am not tied into any contracts. Will let you all know how it goes.


    In the meantime Apple, just get this sorted pronto, we are all getting p'd off at the lack of response!



    Adrian, I think you are exactly right here. Apple told me that the problem was switching from 3G to 4G but that makes no sense, especially as we don't even have the pseudo 4G technology here yet. If you accpet that it's swapping from 2g to 3g that causes a problem, it all makes sense because of the random nature of the disconnects. It's quite possible that only sometimes when travelling you end up being connected to 2g for a while and that's when the chip lockes up.


    It also explains why I've never had a problem with my "3" sim as they don't have any 2g cells.


    If that proves to be the case, there really is no excuse; the need to switch betwen 2g and 3g was obvious and should have been tested.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2 (490 points)

    this is a packet transmission problem between the two different technologies.  Current LTE standards are not fully compliant - only the new lte Advanced due out towards the end of this year will have full compliance for switching.

    The packet sizes and transmission data rates - polling and node synchronising are all different.  The current LTE uses a link receiver set up where one node sends the other receives - if you are in the iddle fair enough - but when in close proximity to one and at the end of range of the other, they cannot chat to each other to synchronize and you lose the connection on timeout - CTS\RTS response.

    the new LTE Advanced certification will encompass the system of multinode zoning as currently used with far greater range abilities and is fully compliant with switching down to older standards.

    Imagine a road with a line of trees down either side one side sending- one receiving.  That's LTE.  Now imagine a forest - thats LTE advanced - same as current 3g\2g.

  • D.Eftaxias Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ok with all that. But what is the point of view from Apple? I do not think that switching ON or OFF Airplane mode is ok. I travel a lot and i do not trust ipad. I am receiving more or less 200 mails per day. I can not see if it is ok all the time.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2 (490 points)

    Have you spoke to Vodafone - are there service issues where you are travelling to/from.  Have you got location services turned on - And under System Services - Cell network search On - if close to or crossing international time lines you may get better service by turning the Setting time zone service off.

    Also, unless you need it on for say an attached keyboard, conserve power by disabling Bluetooth.

    Keeping wifi on is said to improve signalling awareness when on Data Carrier - but as yet I have noticed no difference - so again you can try turning this off when not on a wifi network.


    Further power and signal reception issue could also be allayed by turning your mail retrieval service to manual\fetch in Settings\Mail,Contacts,Calendars\Fetch  by turning Push Off - so mail only downloads when you go to your mailboxes.

    Set Brightness to manual rather than auto and have it set at least halfway or above thats necessary for your eye comfort.  All are worth a try.  keeping browsers and net services to a minimum when not in use (tap home button twice and then press on any App icon till it wiggles and close it) - will also conserve more power for signalling work.

    Conservation of network services is a default for Airplane Mode - the fact that this gives you better service at times seems to indicate that too much network service is running in the background. So limiting icloud services to a minimum may also help you.  Finally unless you really need it on - turn Ping OFF, turn Facetime Off - both are bandwidth hogs.

    regards Ct

  • iMarcel74 Calculating status...

    same here in Germany with Vodafone SIM!

    Having no LTE frequencies here and switching between 3G / UMTS and Edge will lose mobile data connection if switching back to 3G / UMTS. Restart is required to get new mobile data connection.


  • Thehibs32 Calculating status...

    Same problem here in US.  I have a DMPH serial number.  The ipad 3 "upgrade" from the ipad 1 was a mistake.  Im tired of lost connection, slow connection, poor performance, Significantly reduced Battery life, etc.


    I should have gone with the ipad 2....

  • Tubalcain7358 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My day job is a software tester and I have to agree that there apears to have been little or no regression testing here. I got my "3" sim today and so far no problem, I will continue to use it until a fix is delivered by you know who. I can't help a wry smile though as it was Three that were slated not that long ago for their coverage etc. I got 11 mbs download and 3 up today out and about.


    I am really hoping that this does turn out to be a software issue that is sorted in the next IOS update though. I have also done the sim pin stuff as a belt and braces option.


    Fingers crossed and thanks for the support, btw is the Fazer a Yamaha reference?

  • FazerWiz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Tubalcain7358 wrote:

    ... btw is the Fazer a Yamaha reference?

    Yep, you can usually find me here (I'm one of the guides ).  Still no problems at all from my 3 sim which is a PAYG 12 annual 12GB job. Speed is good, just a shame the deal isn't as good as T-Mobile. I have a O2 sim to play with too, but I'm pretty sure I know what the outcome will be...

  • p0ttyp1g30n Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    same behaviour in Italy.

    I can confirm everything the others said. The problem stems from 2G/3G switchover and is perfectly reproduceable.


    This kind of problems are usually software ones.

    Other solution could be to find a way to prevent the modem from switching to 2G at all and stick to 3G as much as possible, but searching on the net didn't produce any joy...

  • (Dri) Calculating status...

    SPAIN here.


    iPad 3 losts connection every now and then and needs to be rebooted in order to work properly.


    Problem tested and reproduced on JAZZTEL Telecom and spaniard VODAFONE.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2 (490 points)

    You could have software that locks to 3g, but it would not help you, network switching is done at the transmitter for a variety of reasons.  1g maintains text messaging, 2g picture messaging, 3g etc working up the bandwidth data stream to 4g.  All the factors affecting the service are transmitter based solutions dependent on the number of customers accessing a particular node (mast) at any given time.  Completely out of the hands of the end consumer - even if you stood underneath the mast itself - though due to the strength of the radiation and microwave signals I would not recommend it.  Which is why petrol stations do not like people using mobiles and wireless devices on the forecourts.  Most have a mast - usually located inside the signage. 

    Until the Data providers can provide a capacity greater than demand we will all have to get used to the disconnects or reduced levels of service.

    This is the problem with this thread - it puts the problem solely with Apple - which it is not - unless anyone can prove their particular problem is not network transmitter related.  Having two devices side by side does not guarantee a good signal for both since the transmitter software decides what signal gets sent to what device - and when.

    Once Ipv6 addressing becomes the norm and subject to always-on mobile broadband - and when the network operators have spare capacity - perhaps there might then be a good case to put before Apple's door.

    Apple's problem is they have products that are moving in advance of the background infrastructure.  The fact that they use this product specification as a selling point is not very nobel - but thats business for you I suppose.  We ought to be used to it by now.  Put your iPad3 in a cupboard somewhere - everything will be in place by 2015 - or so we are told.

    Regards, Ct

  • Encrypted11 Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    Coppertiger wrote:


    You could have software that locks to 3g, but it would not help you, network switching is done at the transmitter for a variety of reasons.  1g maintains text messaging, 2g picture messaging, 3g etc working up the bandwidth data stream to 4g.  All the factors affecting the service are transmitter based solutions dependent on the number of customers accessing a particular node (mast) at any given time. 


    What about huge signal differences between 2 devices lying side by side? I think some out here are making this observation.

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