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I'd like to give a heads-up on this tool that will lets you create, edit and manage iTunes U-compliant podcasts.




It handles all the iTunes U metadata per collection and track, and you can import existing feeds to later edit. Also, it allows you to delegate file uploading, feed publishing, etc. to different people on your organization. It also imports and parses iTunesU usage reports and provides graphs alongside your created collections and tracks.


Some current users of this app are New Media Consortium (NMC) and Tecnológico de Monterrey University (that's us!). We are using this tool to delegate collection building to different departments within the University. The basic workflow is as follows: all registered users can create a podcast collection and assign items to it. Users with the "Content manager" role can additionally edit items created by all users, and also specify a final FTP destination per collection and do the actual publishing of feeds to the FTP server.


This webapp is completely GPL, is Drupal-based, and will work on most LAMPP or equivalent stacks. The project at the above URL has an issue queue for support, bug reports, and feature requests.


We hope this can help out others like it has us!