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When is the MacBook air going to update to a new model?

MacBook Air
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    Your question requires speculation since no one on the forum knows the answer.

    Speculation is prohibited by the terms of service you agreed to when you joined the forum.

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    About the only thing you can do is take a look at history, by say consulting an App like Mactracker, to see the frequency of updates, combining with the prevalence of news regarding avaialbility of new CPU technologies possibly relevent to the MacBook Air, to make some sort of "guestimate".


    In the end, only you can weight the cost/benefits of waiting or not waiting for the unknown day of an announcement from Apple. Apple is one of the few companies that doesn't make promises for arrival dates that they have no control over. Therefore, as Kappy explained, nobody here is able to make a speculative comment, even if it were allowed.


    We are all waiting for the news, from Apple.

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    Thanks for the answers.

    It can't be too long,I'm waiting for the update.