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I've been making a comparison of the prices charged for books purchased from iBooks. I have found that the same books I have purchased from the iBook store, cost only .30 - .50¢ more at Costco. And at Costco you get a hardback book. It can't be that expensive to reproduce a downloadable copy of these books. How do we get Apple to charge a reasonable amount instead of their current pricing?


I can see no reason to continue to buy from the iBook store with that little of a differance in price. With the actual hardback,I can donate them to the VA, when I have finished reading them,  and get a tax deduction.

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    Apple has very little control over the pricing on iBooks due to the Agency Pricing deals they signed with the major publishers. All the publishers decide how to price the book in iBooks. If you want to complain then complain to the publisher houses about how high the prices are.

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    The ebook pricing system is currently run by the publishers,  not Apple.  You need to convince the publishers that your idea of how it should be makes sense for them.

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    Thank you. Good link!

    Like the author Mark Kendrick stated,his profits sky rocketed when he formated his books for "readers" and priced them much lower. Doing away with the publishers, means less cost to the consumer and increased profit for the writer.

    Hopefully Apple will seek out authors to do this with like Amazon has, and drop the prices.

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    The macworld article makes sense. But the most of the books in the apple ibooks are overpriced. I was going to buy a kindle book the price was reasonable $15.39. Then I thought I have ibooks on my iphone lets see if they have the book cause I don't want to download the kindle app on my iphone if I don't need to. Well ibooks has what I'm looking for but for $27.99; $12.60 more then the kindle edition. So I'm sticking with Kindle from now on they are better priced and there selection is massive. I like Apple but I definitely don't love them. My next upgrade I might even switch to Android if the iphone 5 doesn't wow me.

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    I have come across this as well - a book I was interested in cost $25.99 in the iBooks store and $14.29 in the Kindle store...


    Does anybody know why the huge difference?

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    Or just download the kindle App and enjoy lower prices.

    Markets are self correcting.

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    One thing the article didn't mention was longevity which is something that's an issue where libraries and publshers are having issues. An e-book can be read by millions of readers without wearing out. A paper copy needs replacing after a certain number of readers have used it.  A publisher can rely upon having repeat sales of a paper copy, but in theory will only sell an electronic copy once.