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Why the change, Apple, why?


I use TextEdit all the time - it's simple - I can copy and paste important web-realted writings, like the one I'm writing right now, in case the web crashes or my wifi goes out or yet another Safari bug appears.  And when my writing is inspired, I can open TextEdit quickly and get the idea typed quickly - unlike other programs that take a moment to open.


But now, TextEdit has changed in OS 10.7.3, for some reason:


1.  When you open the application, it reverts to whatever you were typing before, or whatever document was saved the last time you opened TextEdit.  E.g., it doesn't open with a blank page.  Why on earth would you change this?  Now when I'm finished typing something, I have to select ALL and DELETE the work, so it doesn't distract me when I open a new document, or I want to save some completely new document.  That simply adds up to more mouse-clicking in a long day.


2.  There is no "save as" under File.  Just "save".  Again, why change this?


Apple / Mac, just ask yourselves, is this a "change", or an "improvement"?




TextEdit 1.7

Mac OS 10.7.3