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I have the 32 gb iPad 2 and have strange connection issues, but only in my home. It seems to work fine elsewhere. It worked fine for two months in my apt. , but now my iPad only wants to work when it is physically near my router.


The signal strength always appears full bars.


Some fixes I have seen on this forum that I have tried with no change:

1. Bought new router

2. Powered router down

3. Adjusted the screen brightness

4.  Accessed the router settings and changed those, including changing encryption, the different channels, and the different bands (b/g/n)


The laptops in our 700 square foot apartment all continue to connect to Internet fine.


Any ideas?  Pretty frustrating.



Thanks in advance for any help,



iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Nice troubleshooting. nice to see someone actually does something before asking questions on here.


    - on your router. make sure you do have the channel set to a static channel such as 1, 6, or 11.

    - on the router. Give your iPad a Static DHCP (ip address) you can do this in the DHCP reservations section on your wireless settings somewhere.

    - best to keep the bands to Auto or Default.


    I had to do this setup for my iphone, specifically the static channel.

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    Thanks for your help.  I had changed the channel previously, to no avail.  I tried it again, at your suggestion, and it took this time?!


    Knock on wood, it's been working for a few days.


    Thanks again,