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    Diamondrinc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My Reply to Apple.





    I have provided items in question in the past and the personal questions when I set up my iTunes and Apple ID account.  These new security questions are useless and childish.  There is no place to write your own questions.  Why should I have to print out the page or take a screen capture to remember the questions and answer?  That is not security to me.  Security to me is keeping the answer in my head not a desk drawer or pocket in a back pack.   I have provided all the information you asked for in your response to me in the past.  If I am trying to down load a FREE app what purpose would you have for needing my credit card info?  Apple is the most innovative computer company I know and this type of challenge question system is far beneath Apples abilities in providing a quality product.  Look at my Apple ID, I have already set up my challenge questions.  I am not willing to provide my personal information to answer a challenge question or to fake an answer to the challenge questions.  I clear the data from my computer weekly, so according to you every week I have to answer a challenge question.  I travel out of the country (USA) regularly so if you receive an unknown IP address I have to answer the challenge question(s)... So I am stuck answering the childish mundane questions some programer picked out.  No thanks.  If this is the best Apple can do I think my only  option is to  discontinue using iTunes to download apps or media. 


    As for the "rescue" email address I don't see a need to have an additional email address just to recover my info.  I gave Apple my email address when I set up my Apple ID, whats wrong with using that address?  Sumeet I don't understand why all the security is needed IN the app.  I would understand if it was to enhance the access to the app, but not in it.   There needs to be an opt-out option.   Have you read the Apple Support Community New Security Questions Forum?  When I called tech support this weekend the tech I spoke with did not even know about the "enhanced security" you have put in place.  People are ****** off at Apple and iTunes for this.  The new security questions are even causing some people to dredge up repressed memories of being molested.   Is this your intent?  All of this was done without advising the general public, your iTunes users, the people who pay your salary, of the impending implementation of the so called security measures.  This makes me question is it really security or something else.


    So I ask is the security attached to the Apple ID in a state that it can be compromised? 


    If not, why would you not attach your security to that of the Apple ID? 


    Are hackers circumventing the Apple ID security in wifi or other internet connection modes?


    If yes, what steps is Apple taking besides that childish security questions to prevent Apple ID information from being compromised?


    If I have  authorized my devices with my home computer, would that not be enough conformation of proper authorization for use in iTunes? 


    If I clear my personal data from the computer and have to log in several times a month would that set off alarms in Apples systems that could lock me out of my devices and or iTunes entirely?


    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.  You have access to the Apple ID and can find my phone number within your system.






    I never give out my personal information in an email and never will.  "





    Never, ever, give out your personal information via email... N E V E R!

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    Alley_Cat Level 6 Level 6 (17,035 points)

    Diamondrinc wrote:




    I never give out my personal information in an email and never will.  "





    Never, ever, give out your personal information via email... N E V E R!


    I quite agree.


    Also consider this:




    They want name, your appleID and an e-mail address - is this information being sent in the clear, unencrypted?   Perhaps there are some secure elements in the page but there's no indication your details are transmitted securely.



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    Diamondrinc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Security Questions.jpg

    The type of questions encountered.

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    Encrypted11 Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)


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    James5wins Level 2 Level 2 (320 points)

    i aggree with you, but everyone here is just makeing a huge deal over somthing that is so little that this forum had to be made to make a such a big deal over,


    i did it with my mom and dad even thou im around 1-25yrs old,


    i just dont see why make a big deal over waisting you value of time being here when you could have already done going throu the security questions even thou you cant make your own questions like before you could.



    just to remember this, alot of people are stealling and hacking into apple and robbing people, thats why with all the uptight security.


    take (you) Diamondrinc for an example, i betcha u waisted over almost a half hr typing that up when you can just do the secrutiy questions that takes 5 easy cheesie mins,


    if i were u guys complaining about the security, i would do the easy cheesie questions and save your time coming back to this post waisting your value of time which has already happened.


    just do it and get on with your life, sooner or later, one by one of you guys probably listen to what im saying here and some of you wont, i dont care and you will do the security questions..


    its not like your best friends or anything know what your mom's first car was.


    let go of your grief with the new security and not be able to make your own question.


    just grow up and "Keep Moving Forward - Walt Disney"

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    Unhappy customer444 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The problem isn't having the security questions the problem is in the implementation.  I don't believe I have ever seen a set of such stupid questions.  The stupidness of the questions wouldn't even be so bad if they gave the option to create your own questions but they don't. I think it would be very unlikely I would remember my answers a year or two down the road.

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    JonathanCR Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    They're not "easy cheesie" questions. They're impossible. I have never had a car. I didn't have a favourite teacher. I can't remember what the first album was I bought. I am literally unable to answer most of these questions. The only way I can do this is by inventing three nonsense answers, writing them down somewhere safe, and hopefully remembering that I did this when, years from now, I'm faced with these questions once more.


    The questions are the kind of thing you'd ask on a blind date, not reasonable security questions. Apple should allow people to write their own questions, or, failing that, provide a much larger selection of possible questions that don't revolve exclusively around cars, music, and childhood preferences.

  • 37. Re: New Security Questions
    sarah.george Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also have trouble answering most of the questions consistently. Questions about childhood? That was a torment I'd really prefer not to re-live. Cities? I've lived in one city all my life and it's publically available on the net.


    Really, if this kind of thing must be done, at least let us enter questions that make sense.

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    BigPhilipK Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also upset with these foolish questions.


    The only person supporting them in this discussion is 25 years old. At that age memory of childhood is quite clear.


    I am 54 and memory of childhood is cloudy. I could only answer 2 questions and we need 3.


    I am sure the person who wrote these is also about 25 and has no way to understand the problem that we are having.


    I refuse to write down passwords. That isn't secure.


    It's like the safely caps on perscription drugs. At 54 I have no problem opening them. My parents have great difficulting opening them at age 80.

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    Doug Grinbergs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey, Apple management, I, too, hate your purchase/download-obstructive stupid security questions (dreamed up by a teenager, it seems).


    I also hate that, after having entered my Apple ID password umpteen times already in the App Store app, you make me enter everything all over again to access the discussion board. Hey geniuses, why no iOS Keychain? (and I loathe your idiotic iOS keyboard layouts!)

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    BigPhilipK Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just got my reply for Apple Support. They didn't understand the problem and offered to reset my password if I e-mailed them some personal info.


    I decided to give random answers so I can use the iTunes Store.


    Some time in the future this problem will pop up again when I can't remember the answers I gave.


    Like Scarlet O'Hara, "I think about that tomorrow."

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    TomNYC Level 2 Level 2 (330 points)

    These 3 security questions are stupid and annoying. Almost none of them apply to me, so, I just picked 3 random questions and answered Don't know, Have no idea, or Not sure.


    Apple failed on implementing this. I guarantee most people won't remember any of the answers they gave to these security questions in 6 months time.

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    kaffey48108 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    this is ridiculous.  i am not downloading anything until this is addressed.

  • 43. Re: New Security Questions
    Fred Davenport Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Perfect AppDG,


    This is the dumbest things I have ever seen Apple do in my 35+ years of using Apple products.


    What are they thinking?


    Oh and I forgot to say when I called a few weeks ago to "_itch" about about my having to change a 10 year password.


    I was told that do to the importance of security, I MUST change my password.


    After much kicking and screaming I was was told that I could change my password from:








    Wow! I feel soooo much safer with the capital "P"


    You have to be kidding me :-(

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    Mglepd Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    JonanathanCR is dead right!

    The questions appear to have written by an adolescent. Who the **** at my age remembers school teachers? Who the heck has favourite colors? Who knows which of the Beach Boys is the cutest? Should a nice girl hold hands on the first date?


    Can Apple please put a grown-up in charge.

    We don't want to carry around password aide memoires.

    We want to make our own questions that make no sense to a thief.

    If HSBC can do it, why not apple?

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