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I use an AirPort base station. My ISP requires a "compatible DOCSIS device" (cable modem). Which broadband internet cable modem is recommended for use with AirPort? (A list of the DOCSIS devices is here). Thank you!!

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    You need a modem to convert the Comcast cable signal to a format that can be used by the airport. Usually there is a line out that an ethernet cable plugs into on the cable modem and the other end into the Apple Airport. As long as you have a cable modem that Comcast will recognize, you should be fine. I'd recommend looking for one that is DOCSIS version 3 versus version 2, as I recall there are some performance benefits to version 3. When we had cable, we used Motorola modems, which worked fine.

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    I have an older model Airport Extreme base station, and my ISP is also Comcast. I recently replaced my old cable modem with a Motorola SURFboard SB6121 (DOCSIS 3), which is on their list. Works great, and I had no problems with setting it up.