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     After cutting between two clips in Final Cut Pro X - and since the update 10.0.4 - my audio will not play back. At all. Also, the playhead does not move and the time count remains the same, wherever the playhead was clicked.


     I believe this is a problem with the 10.0.4 update itself, not with the actual computer. I have a very secure anti-virus mainframe, so I doubt it is a security issue. This is the second time in a week I have had this issue arise.


     Please help with any tips, answers or solutions to this problem. I would be very appreciative.



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    Luis Sequeira1 Level 5 Level 5 (5,625 points)

    Try deleting the preferences, and other maintenance measures, like clearing caches.

    Also, try running FCP X from another user account. I bet that FCP X will run smoothly in a fresh account, indicating that the cause lies somewhere in your user settings, preferences, or whatnot.


    The 10.0.4 is the fastest and most stable version yet for the vast majority of users. I hope you soon see your problems resolved.

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         Also, Luis, I found if i make the blade cuts on the section of clip I want to take out, and immediately delete the segment, this helps correct the problem as well.


         Hopefully, this is only  aminor bug and will be fixed in the new 10.0.5 updaye (if there is one???).


         Thank you for your help! I am much obliged!