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I have Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 on a Mac Mini Server which is currently pushing out "policies" to the Macs we have in our school. The users authenticate and login via Active Directory and the settings (customised Dock, Application restrictions etc) are done via the Mac Mini Server.


On the server using Workgroup Manager I have created 2 groups. One for "Staff" and one for "Pupils" and the Members in those groups are equal to the group in AD.


I have set up two different Network settings for each group. The students login using Automatic Proxy Config. which points them to a wpad.dat file and the staff have a Web Proxy and Secure Web Proxy enabled.


A couple of days ago, when an AD user logged into the Macs it would inherit the Network information from the server but it doesn't do that anymore, instead, it uses the proxy settings set on the local administrator account (I have tested this by chaning the local proxy settings on the local admin account).


Has anyone come across this weird error and if so, have they found a solution? I honestly can't think what caused it!



Mac OS X (10.7.2)