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My son, daughter and I all have iphones. We share the same AppleID on all 3 units in order to make it easier for me to police/ see what they spend etc.


  • My daughter has an 1st Gen iPhone (only text messaging)
  • My son has an iPhone 4 (with text and iMessage support)
  • I have an iphone 4S (with text and iMessage support)


Prior to installing Messages on my Mac I was able to use iPhone Message app to send texts to my daughter and texts/ imessages to my son.


Since installing Messages Beta on my Mac I have two issues.

  1. Messages (iMessage) from my Sons iPhone show up on my iPhone and on Mac Message as though they are coming from me? Messages to him from me show up as though they came from him?
  2. Texts from my iphone to my Daughter no longer seem to be being sent.


Quitting Message on the Mac does not seem to have solved the issue


Seems as though installing Message Beta on my Mac has screwed up some database on my iPhone or in Apples Cloud.


FYI - I cannot uninstall Message as it throws up an error "The messages Beta Uninstaller can't be downloaded because you're not connected to the Internet"


Thoughts on the main issue?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Messages Beta only works with iOS 5 devices.


    This adds in the iMessage part separate from the SMS (Messages) part.


    Using the same Apple ID also raises issues where the My Card on each Contact List actually lists the same ID and so each person will see the Callee as themselves.


    The earlier phone should be able to send SMS

    Whether the Mac with Messages Beta can see these will depend on the Carrier for the Phone and where your are (in the world).


    Historically iChat could only send SMS from a US based computer (though it is not heard to foool it to "be In the United States"). and the Phone has to be on a US carrier (Cell phone company not the big ship thing with Planes) that did SMS forwarding via AIM Buddies.


    From the actions of Messages Beta I can see here in the UK it does seem Messages can at least recognise that in some cases it could send the IM as SMS although I have no  clear info on this.


    Only iMessages sync so you will not see the IMs regarding your daughter's contacts.


    If you still have the Install .dmg for Message Beta I would try installing it again (Complete with Restart) to see if you then get access to the Uninstall option.



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