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My updated version of Pages . . . can't find 'save as' anywhere. Am I getting senile or blind (don't answer that) or is there another way to do it? I have standard documents that I need to personalize for different tasks . . . always used 'save as!'


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    No, you are not senile but maybe blind. You have missed reading about the new features that is implemented on Lion and iWork 9.0.1. There are numerous postings about it in this forum so I will not repeat it.

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    It may be cruel and unusual punishment to force you to read all the (rediculuous) posts about the discuntinuation of Save As in Lion.


    Just substitute:


    File > Duplicate

    File > Save.


    Two commands where you used to do just one command. I dare not comment further, except to say that most of us have the capability to cope with this change.