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Making the switch from mobile me to an FTP server on my boat club website and having difficulties with page content disappearing, photos disappearing, links broken....is anyone having similar problems in making this transition to FTP? I am using Snow Leopard on my desktop and Lion on my laptop...I know about where the domain has to live in Lion but that isn't the case in snow leopard..... also sometimes the domain boots but the page doesn't open.....can drive you nuts and then suddenly it boots and opens. Any help would be appreciated.



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    What's the URL of your site so we can examine it first hand? If your website is missing some files after being published to your new host server then the upload process has not uploaded all of the files. 


    You can tell which files are missing by bringing up the Activity window (Command+Option+A) for the site in Safari and check the list of files. 


    Try using the File ➙ Publish Entire Site menu option to force a full publication of all the site's files.  See if that will get all of the files uploaded properly. 


    f that fails you can publish your site to a folder on your hard drive and use a 3rd party FTP client like  Cyberduck, Transmit or YummyFTP.


    All three apps use Finder like windows of your server folder that facilitates simple drop and drag of files from your hard drive to the server for manual uploading.