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We have a Airport Extreme (n) connected at a farm, that is only serviced by Broadband satellite.


We are trying to get our wifi DISTANCE extended, from the  Extreme.


We need approximately 100 metres distance ( it is uninterupted) across a paddock, from the incoming modem.


setup :  sat = modem=airport extreme all by ethernet cable. ( also ethernet connection to one desktop Mac from Airport Extreme).


We are not interested in increasing the download speed of the signal ( we cannot as Sat owners control this).


We only want to increase the straight line wifi signal distance.


Can anyone help /



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    That distance is going to be tough.  Is there a building a shorter distance from the far end of the paddock where a relay router could be put?  Is there a building with power at the far side of the paddock?  Is that power on the same circuit as that on the building with the AirPort Extreme?  If so, then you may be able to use Powerline networking.  It might also help if you can put the AirPort Extreme on a stand so that it can "see" out a window toward the paddock.