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How do I make an iTune song my ringtone for my iPhone?

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    There are several ways to create ringtones.  Google will find them.

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    1. Right mouse click the song in music library you want to create ringtone and choose “Get Info” 
    2. Choose “Option” Tab, Check “Start Time” & Stop Time” of the track you want to make into ringtone and put in your start time and end time (Max 40 secs duration), then click OK 
    3. Right mouse click the mp3 again and choose “Create AAC Version” 
    4. You will see a copy of song with same name appeared but with 40sec duration only. Now drag the song onto your desktop and you will see the name is now xxxxxx.m4a. 
    5. Change the file extension m4a into m4r from the desktop 
    6. Delete the 40sec m4a file from the music library (You must do this step or Itune will not accept your new m4r file). 
    7. *Important - Now uncheck the start & stop time of the original song so that you can play back full length. 
    8. Now, drag the m4r file from desktop to Library 
    9. Click onto the Tones under Library, and you find you ringone file.

    Note: Just in case you cannot "Create AAC version" from Step 3, go to top menu, click "Edit", "Preference". Under "general" Tab, click "Import Settings", make sure under Import Using that "AAC Encoder" is selected.