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I'm interested in chapterizing educational lectures, and producing .mp3's as the final output, because they will be shared with others and I want maximum compatibility (as opposed to the m4a's, normally used for chatpering, because these are not as widely compatible).


Any ideas? I have been trying QTMarker, Movie Chapterizer, etc for the past few hours, and the MP3 output tends to open in Quicktime or VLC, but not in iTunes. I'd like it to be iTunes compatible because I have an iPhone and iPad and use iTunes Match.


Is this possible??


Thank you!

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    I have only ever heard of chapterizing in association with mp4 variety files, not mp3.


    If you want a mp3 to open with iTunes, highlight the file in Finder, Get Info on the file, down where it shows the application with which to open the file select iTunes.

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    Sorry - I guess I should have been more clear. I am looking to create a file that is openable in iTunes. I do know how to make a file open in iTunes normally. I even went to the Add to Library command in iTunes, but each time I tried to bring the mp3 into iTunes, nothing happened. The MP3 I created is obviously not compatible.

    But I'm holding out hope that a regular MP3 can be chapterized in a way that is compatible with the most popular music player and the iPod / iPhone / iPad ecosystem - just looking to see if anyone can help with this!

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    You have a choice: chapterize with AAC, or MP3.


    While MP3 features the ability to add arbitrary tags, there's nothing like a standardized chapter marker. So you're not going to get "maximum compatibility" that route. It's just not there. At best the "most popular music player" is going to treat it as a standard, non-chapterized MP3.


    AAC is, while perhaps not as broadly compatible as MP3, fairly close. It's an open standard just like MP3. And, at least in iTunes and on iPhones/iPods, it supports chapter markers in a very standardized way, with plenty of tool support for folks who want to create them.


    So, which do you want more? MP3? Or chapters?