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Why do I constantly have problems streaming TV shows and long videos? My iMac is from 2008 and seems to be quite powerful. I also switched to a faster internet provider.


I've also kept up to date on new versions Flash...and I empty my cache and clear History on a regular basis.


Any thoughts or ideas?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 3.06 GHz Intel processor
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    Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10 (89,650 points)



    Check to see if Safari is running in 32 bit mode. Right or control click the Safari icon in your Applications folder then click Get Info. If the box next to:  Open in 32 bit mode  is selected, deselect, quit then relaunch Safari.


    Sometimes uninstalling then reinstall the Flash plugin can help > Troubleshoot Flash Player | Mac OS


    Very important to uninstall the original plugin first.

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    I also switched to a faster internet provider.


    Connection type? Wired or wireless?


    Might want to pull a test of your ISP speed. Depending on the type of service, you may have a shared connection (common with cable) and your neighbors' usage can affect your actual performance. If one of the neighbor kids is hosting an online game or a big file sharing site, your performance can suffer. I use this speed tester:



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    I have cable internet that's wired. The speed is 25m (it's about 3 times faster than when I had DSL). I think you're right, Allan about the shared usage. In retrospect, I usually have the problems between about 6-9 pm, which could be peak hours.


    As far as Flash, I may not have uninstalled Flash before updating it.


    Thank you both.