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I have a season pass and it isn't available in the itunes Store, even though it aired yesterday.


I also notices the same thing for Supernatural Season 7 Episode 20.

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    Same here yet it's up on amazon and Hulu+ ,  this is what the 3rd time that Fringe has had trouble this season?   iTunes seem to be really dropping the ball with this.

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    It's not iTunes, it's the networks.


    The latest season of Ghost Adventures is not here either but at least it's not on Amazon either.

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    Usually I'd agree with you but considering that it's available everywhere else that makes me think something is going on with iTunes.  Also two ther times it was decidedly iTunes corrupted files that had either vanished or were not downloading.  

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    just an FYI -- I submitted a ticket to Apple support about this yesterday and got a reply this morning:


    "Generally, the television networks provide Apple with the latest episode of each show within 24 hours of the original air time. Occasionally, there can be a delay. You can rest assured that Apple is working to make this episode available on the iTunes Store as soon as possible."


    still waiting for my Fringe fix though

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    It's Monday afternoon  12:45 eastern time, still no episode 20. Finally got through to Apple on the phone...predictably, they are clueless. "Did it air already?" they asked after putting me on hold for 10 minutes to check on it.


    I have to say that the level 1 support at apple has deteriorated to the point of being absolutely worthless. All they do is search the web or Apple's knowledge base for a solution they can read  to you, even if they don't understand it themselves (which is usually the case). When I call them, I have already searched for the answer and failed to find one, so this is just a big waste of time.  I try to insist from the beginning that I need a level 2 support person, but even when they agree to transfer me there the hold times are absurdly long.


    Few things are more frustrating for me than calling for tech support and realizing that the "support person" knows far less about the product they are supporting than I do.


    Hey Apple, please use the money we pay for the so-called AppleCare+ Protection Plan and HIRE MORE QUALIFIED STAFFERS WHO ACTUALLY USE YOUR PRODUCTS AND UNDERSTAND THEM AT LEAST AS WELL AS WE DO!

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    Now it shows it is there, but when you try to download it, it says it is temporarily not availalbe. Is anyone else having this issue?


    Apple is really screwing this up and I'm getting sick of it