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I have a Sony HDR-XR500VE and wish to edit the footage in Final Cut Express.  However, FCE does not seem to recognise the files it produces.  How can I import the footage for editing?


Thanks in advance.

Final Cut Express, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Have no AVCHD-Camera but goes by hear-say.


    • Connect Camera to Mac via USB

    • Connect Camera to external Power (not just battery)


    And now not the Usual Log and Capture... - but Log and Transfer...


    If this doesn't work then the AVCHD files might need to be converted and Voltaic™ seems to be the program of choice to do this.


    Yours (on hear-say) Bengt W

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    Your camcorder is an AVCHD camcorder.   Your profile indicates you are running OS X 10.5.8 ....


    What version of FCE are you using?

    What model Mac are you using?

    Are you trying to capture (log & transfer) from your camcorder into FCE ... or did you just copy files from the camcorder to your Mac and are now trying to edit the files?


    You need FCE 4 and an Intel Mac to capture & edit AVCHD video.

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    Hi, Final Cut Express is discontinued, in favor of Final Cut Pro X.


    • Soundtrack has been removed from the Final Cut Express Box, as well as the export feature to soundtrack.
    • Final Cut Express 4's export option for Flash Video is unstable with Leopard 10.5.4 / QuickTime v7.5 (149.5).
    • Minor support for 1080p.
    • No native support for AVCHD and transcoding facilities (AIC) limited to files from attached cameras only
    • No complete list of input file types.
    • No support for 24 frame/s timeline.
    • No upgrade since August 2008.
    • MP3 (and other sound files) have to be rendered manually in order to show up, otherwise a 1000 Hz beep will repeat.
    • No means of changing the default overwrite edit, which easily results in inadvertent deletion of clips and track material on the Timeline



    Sony HDR-XR500VE was released in 2009. So, if you can't use Log and Transfer or Log and Capture import XR500VE AVCHD videos to FCE. As I know, you have to use a converter to encode AVCHD to the best codec AIC for FCE.


    Hope the reply can give you a big help. Enjoy yourself.