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Im still stumped and need an explanation.  If I take an A98 tif on my desktop open it in PS and brush on the background layer with a web safe color (chosen in the color selection box) of 0,255,0  and import that to AP3 the color changes.  Looking at it in aperture and reading the RGB numbers I can tell the color is different.  Exporting it as a Version with no adjustments that color or lack of color is now in the image and I exported out of AP3 as A98 tif.  What changed?

Is it my machine or can you verify this on your machines.   using lion  AP 3.2.3 8gb ram


Thanks     especially if you have heard this before.        

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3), MBP 8gigs ram
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    The reason this happens is Aperture 3 seems to import Adobe RGB files into the Internal Aperture color space (ProPhoto RGB) using "absolute colormetric". If you setup PS to use the same conversion in color settings (ie ProPhoto RGB working space and convert on open using absolute colormetric) vs Perceptual or Relative color metric PS will give you the exact same results as Aperture 3.


    This is why this happens - Aperture 3 is not broken it just uses this method when importing files that are NOT the internal Aperture color space. If you would like it to be different it will not be some sort of fix it will be a feature request to Apple to give you options on how Aperture converts and handles importing files of color spaces different to the interal working space. There are many ways to handle this if it is causing a specific issue.



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    Thanks Robert.


    I export (or round trip) files into PS as A98 all the time. Id like them not to change or loose color merely by going into PS and Back, I want full control of all my Colors.  So what PS settings do I need to make to prevent this loss.


    If I import an A98 tif image into AP3 and the color changes and I email it to a friend with those wrong colors. The color got hosed and PS wasnt used?  I dont get it. 


    If I take that same image with green in and convert it to sRGB and import it to AP3 it will look better than the first A98 image imported.  So my work around would be to work in sRGB instead of A98  

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    Actually if you convert files to ProPhoto prior to importing them into Aperture and also make sure that your color settings in Aperture export and PS are setup to edit in ProPhoto things should work as you expect them to. This issue is only a problem because your file is going through multiple color space conversions one of which happens to be in Aperture (A98 -> ProPhoto using absolute) that you cannot make the same as the way your photoshop happens to be setup right now. Just avoid that conversion if absolute colormetric is not what you want to happen.


    There is no universal better or worse there are just differnent cases for different purposes and goals, If you do not want the A98->ProPhoto conversion using absolute to happen just make sure it doesn't... Not hard.



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    Ok I took my A98 image with a fill of a websafe color and converted it to Profoto. I even made another one and assigned it Profoto color space.  As soon as I imported them into AP3 the green fills were hosed on both images.  So you are saying that its the way aperture addresses large gaumet files with its rendering intent that Im loosing color.  I cannot export these as versions and regain the color, I would have to export them as masters to get that color back.  


    I keep thinking that if one color cant enter aperture without loosing color what other colors have we lost. 


    Sorry Robert I still think something isnt right. 

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    When you import an image from one app to another, the colours should remain the same if they are being managed by an ICC system like ColorSync.  An image imported to Aperture from the Finder and which has an ICC profile attached should look identical in PS and Aperture.  That is the purpose of colour management.


    Aperture 3 fails in this regard when importing AdobeRGB tagged tiffs.  It is a bug.  You may be correct rwboyer in saying that Aperture is applying an Absolute intent, but when we are talking about viewing images on a monitor, or exporting them to another app., this is not what should be happening.  That is why it's a bug.


    Further.  If you import this image into Aperture and then export a Version ... those colours are definitvely altered.  This is an even more damning illustration of this bug.


    You might like to read through this thread which talks about this bug.





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    I will take a look at what you just tried and let you know my findings... I can tell you the PS produces the same results when importing Adobe1998->ProPhoto if the color settings are set to absolute colormentric. Will let you know I can reproduce the results you just described with a ProPhoto import to Aperture...





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    Just reproduced your exact symptoms - something strange does seem to be going on here...



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    Thank you Robert and Symon!  I thought I was crazy! Any one else who finds the same thing should report it to Apple.  Color Management shouldnt wait for a full version upgrade!

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    This is either old news to alot of users or there are alot of high level volunteers with NDAs signed.