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Okay, I have a MacBook Pro (older, pre-unibody), 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB Ram, and purchased a larger hard drive to install to just get me some more storage inside the case.  I put this drive into a kit that makes it an external, firewire drive, and I connect it to my laptop and head to Disk Utility to Clone the the drive before doing the physical switch.  Cloning fails everytime and I get the "underlying task reported failure on exit" message.  I then try to Verify my current disk and I get "Volume Bit Map needs minor repair," "Invalid volume free block count, (should be 2049516 instead of 2049515), and " the volume in my hard drive needs repaired."  Disc Repair option is not accessible, so I look into performing repair via Terminal or Single-User mode.  I was going to do the "/sbin/fsck -fy" command, but Terminal doesn't seem to want display properly, and I can't start-up in Single-User.  Everytime I try, while holding down Command & S, my attempt is ignored and the system starts up normally in OS.


I have read several message board posts about related issues and have tried many different suggestions that I have read, or pieced together on my own, but nothing seems to work.  Does anyone have any other ideas that might allow me to clone this drive so I can install it in my MacBook Pro?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Clone crap you get crap. Obviously the drive has issues.


    The drive needs to be Zero Erased and OS X + programs reinstalled, after you've backd up user files manually off the machine first to a storage drive.



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    Okay, well, the reason I am trying to clone, and not zero erase everything, is that I do not have all of the programs or OS on discs that I can simply reinstall everything.  If I did, I would do that instead.  In fact, I would prefer that, but at this point, I am hoping to find a suggestion to repair the current drive so that it is clonable.  I'll be upgrading the OS at a later date, but I can't at this time.


    Maybe another option would be to find out how, exactly, I can extract the programs from my old drive, and reinstall them on the new one without cloning.


    I could backup my user files and programs on another drive.  Install the drive and the OS in the laptop, and then reinstall my old programs.  Any tips on how I can move the programs over without the original discs?