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I have always been able to play podcasts from my website on my iPad and iPhone but this week I get the play icon with a circle/slash through it.  The podcast plays in iTunes and in Safari on my Macbook pro and in the app associated with my organization.  Why won't it play in Safari al of a sudden?  Here is the link to the podcast: http://shulamite.com/listen/living-stones/

Can someone advise me on what I could have done to get this error.  I build the podcasts in Garageband and share them into iTunes and upload them from my site admin.

Thank you!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Could someone please help me with this issue.  I upload a new podcast and it is the same thing, no mobile safari play.  I have not changed anything . . . was there an update to mobile safari that messed things up?  Again could someone please help me?

    Thank you

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    Johnster .....


    I am getting the same icon that you are getting whether I use mobile Safari or iCab Mobile identified as Firefox or even if I identity it as mobile Safari. I wonder if that means perhaps the podcasts was not created correctly. However, I know absolutely nothing about creating a podcast.


    You obviously have been doing this successfully up until this point, but by virtue of the fact that I am getting the "No Plugin" icon in both browsers - whether viewing as a desktop browser or a mobile browser, I simply assume that there is a problem with the podcast.


    The podcast plays fine in my desktop Safari on my MacBook.


    Just so that you know, the preinstalled apps are only updated when the iOS is updated. There are never updates released for Safari, iTunes, the App Store and so on, except for the features that may be added when the iOS is updated.

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    I figured it out!!


    When transfring your podcast from Garageband using the share with iTunes share option you can't select an audio setting higher than an Music Podcast.  Higher qualities fail to load the plug in giving you the error.I don't know how that got changed in the settings but that was it.


    Thank you, hope this helps others with same issue.