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For the love of god can someone explain why it's not possible for a presenter to view movies and even native transitions in the current slide panel of the presenter display. Powerpoint does. It's getting to be a tedious discussion with clients as to why they must use Powerpoint "...just for this particular presentation" because otherwise they freak out and crane their neck tying to see if the video clip is playing or not. Thats what the presenter display is there to prevent.


I wonder if keynote is authored by people who must give presentations.



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    Simple answer: Keynote is NOT Powerpoint. While it may have a few minor quirks, it is a very nice presentation tool for most of us.


    The folks you wish to speak with are at Apple, not here among us users. To provide your voice to the small chorus of others wanting Keynote to be Powerpoint leave your feedback here:



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    I love the program and so do my clients, which is why it's so frustrating. And doubly so as PPT handles video poorly, but manages to show it on the presenter display anyway.


    For those of us who depend on software suites in the course of making a living, Apple/MS/Adobe...whatever, we're loyal to results, not brands.


    Thanks for all your help,


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    You are absolutely right about results. Much of the whiplash clients may experience is their lack of confidence in their own preparation to use an application that can deliver when asked to.


    I'm sure you prepare presentations well and do the due diligance needed to ensure all actions, transitions, effects, fonts, images, videos, sounds, etc. are all on cue and work as a package. Your clients need to be encouraged to do their own dry runs. Like getting to Carnegie Hall, getting to a level of proficiency with Keynote takes practice with an application that will give results.


    Still... giving Apple a little feedback can't hurt.

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    I blogged about this at the time Powerpoint 2011 was released for the Mac, and commented that in its Presenter view you can see the videos working, so no need to crane the neck to look at the screen behind you. A presentation faux pas if ever there was one.


    My initial Keynote solution was to shlep with me a 15" monitor and VGA splitter box to send the Macbook's signal out to the box, which then sends to both projector and monitor. But that's much weight to carry on flights, and after one airline broke my monitor through rough handling, I sought a different solution.


    It came when I got my first iPad (now I have an iPad 3) and software called Doceri, an app for the Mac and an app for the iPad. Now I position my iPad discretely in front of me, and it shows what's on the main screen behind me, via a wifi connection between iPad and Macbook. (The video sync is not perfect but gets better wirh each update). This way you can even show your iPad on the main screen with both audio and video. With Doceri, you can advance the slides, put Doceri into presenter mode, and annotate the Keynote slides with text and drawings. Beats using a cruddy laserpen. Google my name and Doceri to read my blog about it.


    Discloser: I am currently beta testing the next version of Doceri due soon, but receive no compensation for my efforts (other than a free app). I just like using clever products from clever people.


    Les Posen