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    I have set the preferences at 2560 X 2560, and even unlimeted. That did not make a difference in the photo browser, which are still small thumnails. 

    According the the Final Cut Pro X Professional Video Editing, by Diane Weyand, page 352 "Once you locate the thumbnail of the hotos you want in the Browser, it's an easy matter of dragging one or more to an Event or even directly to the Timeline". When I do this, it brings in the Thumbnail, not the actual file.


    For example, EdenA is a 5.1 MB file in Arperture, and it shows up in the photo browser as 137.5 KB in the photo browser.  When I eport it from Arperture to the desktop, and import it into FCPX, it retains its 5.1 MB size.



    Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 11.50.18 AM.png      Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 11.37.56 AM.png


    I have chosen to use your #2 that you sent previously.  "Or you can select the ones you need (inside Aperture) and EXPORT them from Aperture to your desktop (at the resolution you chose when you export them) and then import them  into your FCPX EVENT as any other clip or jpg." That seems to work just fine.


    I use a lot of old photos that I scan in some of my videos, so I just needed to find a way that will work for me, and this seems to be the way I can do it.  Thanks for your input.

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    Well, I'm afraid this is going to be the longest post I've ever seen in these forums ;-)))

    Lets recap.


    -- Solution #2 works. Good. Glad to hear :-)) It's the easiest and fastest solution.


    -- Solution #1 still seems to be a problem;


    Let's recap about previews. They are jpg images that Aperture generates to share with other "iLife" apps (like Keynote or FCPX)…


    You have control over these previews in Preferences -> Previews.


    If you want the photo previews to be big, set the preference to (for instance) 1920x1920 (or to "don't limit")


    Once you've made the change, go (in Aperture) to the menu "Photos" -> Update preview.

    [you'll get a warning message telling you:  "to force Aperture to re-render etc… hold down the *option key* when choosing this menu item"


    So (in order to force Aperture to generate a new preview for the new setting) just do it :

    Go back to the menu "photos" -> "Generate thumbnails". But (as you've been told) if you press *Option key* you've got a new menu that goes from "Update preview" (without Option key pressed down) to "Generate preview" (with option key pressed down)


    So hold down the *option key* and press Generate preview. Aperture goes to work and generates the new previews at the new size that you indicated ! :-)

    That's it. Magic :-))


    PS. Don't forget to select all the photos you want to "regenerate" their previews.

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