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This is an attachment for the Apple wireless keyboard. Used to work just fine but then I came back from a 2 week vacation and the LMP then decided that it was going to go on holidays. In other words, I just can't get the Mac to recognize it now. I installed fresh batteries, thinking that might be the problem. Nope, still not discovered by the Mac. Then, thinking that the LMP was faulty, I took it down to my local reseller thinking that I would get a replacement but wonder of wonders - at the shop, the LMP behaved just like it was supposed to. In a few seconds, the Mac recognized the device, spat out a code and when we entered the code, we had a connection established, all within a minute. So I can't even blame the LMP as being at fault.

Yet when I try the same thing at home -


selecting Bluetooth from the System Preferences

clicking on the + sign to add my LMP to the list


the Bluetooth Setup Assistant window shows the gears spinning endlessly as it is "searching for Bluetooth devices". So obviously, the LMP keyboard is functioning as it should. Why then, can't I make the connection? Worked at the store but not at home - what could be the problem here?





27" iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)