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My G4 Powermac MDD/FW800/Dual 1,25 desktop has a power problem and not sure exactly what it is.

It was fine until last week when I pushed the power button on the front and nothing happened. Button didnt "click" either, but cant actually remember if its supposed to as its normally left asleep rather than turned off.

I discovered that if I push the button and hold it in, it lights up and stays lit as long as I hold it which suggests it may not be the power supply itself, but nothing powers up at all and the light goes out as soon as the button is released.

Since there is obviously power available to the button, seems to me might be the button itself, but would welcome any advice from anyone who might have had the same problem or from an off duty MAC enineer maybe? I have another unit for spares but its a single 1.25 fw400 so not sure if I could cannibalise that for a replacement button assembly or even a power supply if that is more likely to be the case.

Any constructive advice very welcome, including how easy it is to replace the button/power supply.

Thanks very much.


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