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I have a Powerbook g4 that I apparently just maimed.  I wiped the hard drive because I was going to give it to a friend, and I was planning on just re-installing os 10.5 from discs I have from a different mac.  I don't have the original powerbook discs because I bought it used.  So stupid me, I assumed I could just use the same restore discs that I've used before - but apparently that's the not the case.  So when I insert the disc into the now labotomized laptop it says "cannot install this software."  I've tried booting up holding down the "c" and rebuilding the partitions and all of that.  Hasn't worked.  Do I need powerbook specific discs to get this thing going again?  And if I do, why can't I find them ANYWHERE?  Very frustrated, and very mad at myself for killing a computer that was running perfectly fine.  Gah!  Any help would be appreciated.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5)