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I bought a brand new Mac Mini, with 2.5 ghz core i5 & 4gb ram. I skiped option to migrate data with setup assitant and chose to move the data later. I got the machine setup, and all the updates were down loaded. I went to the Windows PC and downloaded the Windows migration assisant, I followed all the prompts on both machines. Now I can get the Mac to state "check that the PC is displaying this number ******" it does I click continue, thats when things go to crap. the Mac displays calculating items to migrate and calculating space. The PC says "PC ready to transfer data please select items you want to migrate" and below that there is a load bar the shows a green progress bar sliding aross. Now it will sit like that for like 2 hours, and nothing.


Now I have noticed that the Mac goes in to like a power saving mode, not immeadently, but after a period of time. I tried turning that off and still nothing (i don't think I was able to turn it off). Could it be that I have alot of data I have 3 1TB HD, with that being said the main OS drive only has 400GB used of 935GB my other 2 drives are only full of photos on 1 and all my iTunes music and movies on the other. I have tried doing the migration with all the drives installed on the PC and with only the main OS drive (2 of the drives are on drives slides so I can power the system down and pull them and then reboot). The Mini has a 500 GB HD, but I added another 500GB HD via usb formatted for mac. Both computers on the same network the PC is hard lined to the router, the Mac is connected via wifi.


What am I doing wrong?

Mac mini (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)