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OK...got an interesting question for you all...just saw this behavior start the other day (no updates to point to as the culprit):


While using my 13" MacBook Pro (2.53 Core Duo, 8GB RAM, 250GB, Lion 10.7.3) with my MagicMouse, all open apps will suddenly minimize and I'll be looking at the desktop! I know there's a gesture for the trackpad, or the Fn/F11 shortcut to show desktop, but this is happening when my hands are nowhere near the keyboard or trackpad.


I've not set up any hot corners for this behavior either (would a hot corner even work with the MagicMouse??)


If anyone can shed some light on this, it's driving me crazy! The functionality to show desktop musing the MM is actually desirable for me, but I'm be darned if I can figure out how I'm inadvertently causing it!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)