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Hi everyone, i need some help,


I have a 400GB Freecom external hard drive thats been freshly formatted in NTFS.



My problem is, i have sold my windows pc and decided i was going to use my powered external freecom hard drive with my tv so i could store music/videos etc on there and watch them on my tv, before i formatted it i tested it on my tv and that found it right away, i then made sure it worked on my windows pc which it did then i plugged it in to my macbook pro and it didnt mount at all, i looked in Disk Utility and the drive was not there, i tried fixing any errors on the drive on windows but it told me there was no errors, i then tried it again on my macbook pro and still nothing, so i thought i would try it one more time, when i plugged it in to my macbook pro again it mounted but i forgot that mac can only read NTFS so i had to install NTFS-3G, when i rebooted my macbook pro (with the drive still connected) the drive was not mounted again, neather was it in Disk Utility, so i decided to format the drive completly once again in NTFS (because thats what my tv will reconise) but still it does not mount.


I am well and truly out of ideas because it works fine on a windows machine but mac will not see it, even freshly formatted.



The drive has AC power so it cant be a power problem from the usb, plus i am on a brand new macbook pro which i bought today, also i even tried the drive on my macbook (snow leopard) and that didnt mount or see it at all.




Can anyone give me some help/ideas?





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    the external drive needs to be formated to "mac os journaled" for you to actively work with the harddrive. if it's ntfs, then it can only be read. you can still work with data by pulling it off the external and onto your laptop, but you will need to format it to mac os journaled to put it back on.