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I have a new shuttle.  I had another shuttle maybe 10 years ago.  With the original shuttle my ID was a comcast email with which I am sure I bought songs from the apple store.  During the 10 years I have had at least 2 nanos and 2 iphones all of which my ID was changed to an att email name.  I now have a new shuttle and an iphone that both use the new att email id.  When I use the shuttle and not the iphone the shuttle comes up that I have 40 songs associated with the old comcast email and asks for authorization.  I tried responding to this, but apparently I have the wrong password from 10 years ago.  When I go through the procedure "forgot" password I am asked for my birthday and when entered I am not recognized.  So why is this happening?  How can I find what songs are not authorized registered to the comcast id?  How can I change these songs to the new id?  Why does this not happen with the iphone for the same songs?  Thanks.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1