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Hello all,


  I just came back from my local (45 Minutes away) Apple store, and had my wifes iPhone 4 I took with me because the back light dident work.  Everything else did, just couldent see the screen without a flashlight.  Anyway, I have the Apple Care, not the Apple Care +, and found out that the headphone jack water indicator is slightly pink and therefore the guy said he couldent replace it.  I told him it was not dropped in water, but my wife does listen to it in the the bathroom while in the shower, and he said nope.  (It sits on the sink of course )


The charging jack indicator is nice and white, and thats kind of why I am upset.  She has been listing to her iPhone in the bathroom while she showers for quite a while now, who is to say that the back light really did just go out, and the indicator has nothing to do with it??  What about humid weather, heck just this morning is was very, very foggy and the humidity in the air was so think you could cut it with a knife!  If I was outside with my iPhone for two long, would that turn the indicators red?????


I told him that I currently have an iPhone 4, a brand new iPhone 4S, my wife has a iPhone 4, my two daughters have 4th Gen iPod Touch's 32GB, and my son has a iPhone 3GS, Plus a Macbook Air!   We are loyal Apple Customers and spend LOTS of money with them, so why couldent they just help me out???


Do you think that if I call Apple, and send them the iPhone they would give me a replacement???  Like I said, the indicator is not red, its just barley pink, and appearently you cant have a iPhone in the bathroom while you shower.  I guess I dident see that in the instructions anywhere...Just frusterated, can anyone give me any advice, or your recent similiar experience's??


Thank you!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1