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I'm a little frustrated with iTunes Match and iTunes, as it doesn't seem to play nice with libraries stored on an external disk on a network. Here's my current set-up, and any tips on how to eliminate some of the steps I have to take would be much appreciated.



One iTunes Media folder stored on external network drive at home

Another iTunes Media folder, titled "Away from Home", stored on Macbook

iTunes Match is turned on and has all songs (that qualify) uploaded onto it

Own multiple devices that access iTunes Match


If I leave my network and want to use iTunes Match, I have to:


1. Turn off iTunes.

2. Option-click iTunes and hold option to select a library.

3. Choose my "Away from Home" library (or create a new one for those who haven't done this already)

4. Sign in to iTunes, Turn on iTunes Match and add my computer/library to iTunes Match

5. iTunes Match does it's thing which obviously means it adds 0 songs due to having an empty library, then all my iTunes Match songs populate my library


That is all fine and great. However, when I return home and want to listen to ALL songs, meaning those that didn't qualify and the unedited versions (since iTunes Match STILL pushes clean versions of songs), I must take these steps:


1. Turn off iTunes.

2. Option-click itunes and hold option to select my library on external network drive

3. iTunes loads up, but only loads ~16,000 of 19,000 songs

4. Turn iTunes off again.

5. Open Finder, hold option when I click Go in menu bar, go to Library<Preferences and delete the com.apple.iTunes.plist file.

6. Open iTunes again, this time not holding option

7. iTunes opens as if it's been updated or newly installed (meaning it asks if I agree to the T&SA).

8. All songs now found and appear


This is downright stupid. I shouldn't have to take all of these steps to do each of these. It may not sound like it takes a long time, but when you come home and want to turn on music while cleaning, entertaining friends, etc., taking these steps is a hassle and makes iTunes become a chore to run. Is there not a way to simply access my songs in the Cloud without closing iTunes and having to choose a different library? Or are these really the only steps I can take to access music from home and, subsequently, when I get back home?