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Hey there,


I've had a mac volume die on me so I ordered the 10.5.8 cds from Apple.  I installed the OS on a new hard drive and trying to migrate from time machine backup and the backup failed to move both my user and application settings.  I've tried using the migration assistant, this also fails and doesnt show me the correct volumes in TM.  Please help!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    here are the error messages:


    There were problems transferring the following file(s):

    - Error copying file at path /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/administrator/./Library/Application Support/AddressBook. No such file or directory (2)

    - Error copying file at path /Users/administrator.noindex/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/DataReferences/12d/.BC.74Hzbs. Operation not permitted (1)

    - Error copying file at path /Users/administrator.noindex/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/DataReferences/12d/.BC.MVhumK. Operation not permitted (1)

    - Error copying file at path /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/administrator/./Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History/.tracked filenames.plist. Invalid argument (22)

    - Error copying file at path /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/administrator/./Library/Preferences/com.apple.iWeb.plist. No such file or directory (2)



    Errors and Warnings:

    - Some documents for administrator could not be transferred

    - administrator could not be created

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    backups: redundant, more than one, using different methods, having a bootable backup for insurance (proably better or first priority) and to have two backup sets minimum.


    when TM backup goes it can be hard. And switching OS (from 10.6. to Lion for instance) results in no way "back" to the 10.6 setup.


    Why still on Leopard? it is not getting the new security upates and patches for one and does work better on any Mac Pro model plus support for more graphic cards.


    That does not help in your current situation though.


    Before a drive fails, time to clone. And if it starts using spare sectors, reformat after testing and running WD Lifeguard to recertify the media. In 90% of cases a drive is still fine and usable - I 've done that and gotten years more (should have run Lifeguard before using drives)


    I wonder if your system has been doing something else: garbage out due to some other problem even misbehaving RAM.

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    thanks for this info.  my other drive is still active with my info on it.  It's just degraded and not bootable.  I'm just trying to think of a way NOT to have to reinstall applications and would be the user account as well.  Is there something with permissions that can be done to not get the above errors?  I'm not sure why those don't allow the tranfer.  It's .plists and address book....not relavent files?  Also when choosing TM to restore i'm not given a choice of dates (I think due to it being an old OS).  I need upgrade but not want to buy all new apps if possible.


    I'll check out lifeguard for sure.

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    Problem with Time Machine, in my experience, is it get more complex by the day and eventually gets corrupted and fails to work. It may not indicate anything is wrong. Only way I know to avoid this issue is to erase your Time Machine drive on a regular basis and let is start fresh. Plus, like hatter said - run a clone backup as well. I consider the clone backup my first backup - any TM backup is icing on the cake.


    Sounds like you did the correct method - create a new boot volume, then try and use TM to recover your data. Since that didn't work, and your old volume is still mounted, the next step is run Migration Assistant from your new volume and try and retrieve your data from the old volume - skipping TM altogether.



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    What have you done to repair and rebuild the directory of your old drives?


    One word of caution is that Alsoft Disk Warrior is/was not (not sure latest version) to deal with the huge size of some TimeMachine backup volumes which as Ricks said, are complex and prone to failures.


    I wanted to see how it would work to have one TM drive for dailys, another for just run once a week, and system clone before any updates. Plus a small handy emergency only boot drive volume (40GB).


    So you are stuck with 10.5.8 due to cost of software applilcation upgrades? and with Lion there is no support for old PowerPC, no Rosetta to run and support those. And then ML coming soon which seems to drop support for pre-2008s.


    Metadata is trash as in temp cache and in a smart backup - like CCC and such - would never be backed up or shouldn't be - they should be deleted and is one case and use for things like CCleaner to be run (until Safari and Chrome do job limited age and size of disk caches).


    Caches and temp files and logs can be source of problems.


    SyncServices - 10.5.x started using that and that would get messed up at least when I looked at it 10.5.2+ era.


    I'd dual boot SL and 10.5.8


    10.5.x came out 4.5 yrs ago. In that time I upgraded boot drive couple times, formatted/initialized when it came out and again a year later 10.5.6 and then with 10.6.0 or about once a year to clone, erase, restore.


    You used your backup drive for two years.


    Originally hoped that it would be easy and possible to clone TM backup drives for safety and so you coudl take a good set with a year of data on it and instead of start over, take it and make a copy for archive your files. A good file history.


    There are programs that add to and help manage and allow the user to look at and choose backup sets from different points in time.  I take it you can't do that.


    I would invest in more backup drives, internal and external, while try to build a new solid footing and foundation - so you can install, clone, do more modifications and installs and updates, so you never have to redo.


    With backup clones you would never have to worry about reinstalls or lost files. CCC will with a large enough volume also allow archive of file changes. TM is probably good - for those that didn't and dont' like to backup.


    I would hope though have seen enough errors, but you are using the initial TM backup program which has had three more OS versions and 3 yrs since to improve form 10.5.8 (came out June '09).