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After years of downloading single songs from iTunes, today I downloading an entire album.  I thought that a Playlist would be created for this album, but itwasn't.  So I manually created a playlist with the album name and then added all the songs.  Is this the correct way?  Or did I do something wrong?  Is there a way to download an entire album into a playlist of the same name?

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    I don't know why you want a playlist for each album.  It's a fast way to slow down iTunes by making too many playlists.  Just use iTunes' display controls to get iTunes to show single albums, or items arranged by album.

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    Thank you for your reply.  I guess I have a lot to learn.  There are several reasons that I like playlists, but didn't realize they slow down things.  I use a playlist if I only want to play songs from a particular playlist.  I thought that was the purpose of a playlist.  Also, if I want to burn a CD of songs from a playlist.  I'm not sure what you mean by "iTunes display controls."  Do you mean changing the sort order of the columns?

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    The iTunes Grid mode, or List & Album List views with the column browser showing, provide ways to drill down to individual albums, or everything by an artist, within a genre, or combinations of all of these. You can make a playlist to burn a CD as and when you need one, but there is no merit in keeping them or creating them for albums, artists, genres or composers as these can always be listed on demand.


    The search box is also very useful.


    Playlists are ideal for a selection of tracks (possibly sorted in a particular order) that are not a single album, or everything by a single artist, or everything in a single genre, etc.


    For tips on getting organised in iTunes see Grouping tracks into albums.



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    iTunes menu View > Column browser.

    This displays Genre, Artists and Albums at top. You can turn on/ff different columns and I put them at top instead on the left.

    Then select an artist/album (or multiple) to veiw/play only those items.


    Also, you then don't have a thousand playlist to scroll through.

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    Sort order is part of it. I use an older iTunes so it is probably pointless my describing features with reference to it.  I can click on one button in the bottom right corner and it drops down a window at the top of the screen that lets me select an artist, or album, or genre, or combination of all 3, or several with shift+click or command+click, or...  I suggest you experiment with different buttons on your version.