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I was told that a mac book pro running lion would sync with an exchange server like my iphone does.  Well they don't at least not in any useful way.  None of the genius', geeks or whatever the microsoft people call themselves could make it happen for more than a minute or two (although the guy from microsoft/india wanted $269.00 to talk to me about the issue.  I spent thousands of dollars in products, downloads, server upgrades, fixes, patches, pastes, proxy settings, protocol adjustments and man hours to try to make it happen but it never has.  All anyone could ever get was the spinning wheel of death.  Macs are great for pictures, videos, games and music but essentially useless for any meaningful commercial applications.



Suggestion: Reconfigure the way a Mac is supposed to sync with an exchange server in the same manner that an iphone or ipad will, they work.  The mac does not. Until then the Mac is a great toy but that's about it.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), involves boot camp and windows.
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