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with the updated adobe CS6 supporting only snow leopard, finally found a prevailing reason to change my main OS drive to snow leopard.

had a bad time of it a few years ago, mainly due to too small space of a SD drive. last time, had to pretty much start over on my windows partitions. I figure I will have to start them over from scratch again, or wait three days for the parrallels to update. I think comapanies that make compatible print drivers have gotten around to making snow leopard compatible now. I think microsoft server might play nicer with snow leopard. anything else anyone know of off hand that will ned to be reinstalled or installed fresh for snow leopard?

Is there a zen approach to update?


(please no remarks about lion, have it on another hard drive, too much bad juju)

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), e08 2X4C 32 GB Ram