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I have 2 older iPhones used by 2 different people with different patterns of use.

Is there a way I can check on the remaining battery life in each iphone?

I don't mean the day to day battery life by charging. I mean the capacity that is left in the battery.

I want to use the iphone that has the most juice left while vacationing for 2 months with an unlocked iphone.

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    Original comment: Settings<General<Usage<Battery Percentage ON


    Edited comment: I think I see what you mean. If you're going to be able to charge the device...I wouldn't worry too much. After 400 cycles (more than one year of a complete battery charge from 0-100% once a day), it has 80% capacity.

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    That setting is for the daily use of how much is left.

    The percentage does not exist for iPhone 3G and back anyway.But the icon indicator still shows approximate amount.

    Both iPhones are at least 2 years old, and used a lot during that time.

    Where can I see the cycles used?


    Maybe I can charge the device while still at home, but when traveling I don't want to be surprised by a phone that won't charge.

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    Just to help you more about the battery here are few points from my personal experience.

    1) Most of the apps available in App store for this purpose are highly dependent on the correct callibration of the batter performance.Although they can give you a general idea about the rate of charge outflow. So you can try to compare your phones with the same app and see the rate batter lifetime keeping the rate of usage similar on the two devices.


    2) I also had some problems with battery drain on my phone. On checking and experimenting I figured out the apps like Facebook was the major culprit because of high dependency on the Push Notification. Once I configured only the required notifications from facebook , battery performance increased significantly. So do take care of these settings when you are on vacation


    3) I always prefer Wi-fi over Edge/3G to keep my phone running long.


    Hope these points might help you.Wish you a great vacation.

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    You should change it.


    I get my iPhone 3g during october 2008, in october 2010 i put a new batery and the 5th of may 2012 i put a new one.


    To my mind the batery life do not exceed 18 months with a regular use (mail for work, call, some satnav in town)