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In the past few weeks I've noticed that my MacBook Pro (purchased in Aug 10) was running a bit hot. I never use it on soft surfaces nor on my lap...only on hard b/c of the ventilation.


Then a few days ago it just stopped charging. And it didn't charge for over 24 hours...so I assumed it was the charger. I bought a new one and it started charging. I went back a few hours later & it wasn't charging any more. Then I moved outlets & it was charging again. I worked for almost 2 days & then it stopped charging again.


My mousepad I've also noticed in the last few days wasn't tracking that well either. It'll do well and then suddenly it just jumps around everywhere.


Any thoughts? I'm just really concerned that it only charges off & on...then the mousepad issue. I LOVE my MacBook Pro so I am really concerned.


Thank you!



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