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I have been checking this for a week, but couldn't find any answer. But it is a simple question.

I published a Lion OS X version application to Mac Appstore. Now, i ported this application to support for Snow Leopard 10.6 version Mac's. I want to publish now this version of app into Appstore. I read, Mac Appstore is available for Snow Leopard as well.

My question now is, how can i differentiate the application in Mac appstore for Lion and Snow leopard versions? I have two apps now, one is for Lion and another is for 10.6.x series. I published Lion build to Appstore, i want to publish 10.6 support app now, i don't know how i can differentiate these two apps in Appstore while uploading. Can i name it like "My App for Lion" and "My App for Snow Leopard"? Does Apple accept to name it like that?


Anyone please help me.

Mac OS X (10.6)