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Hi guys,


Hope to find a solution to my problem in here.


I have a problem with hard drive. It doesnt clear up any space when I empty my trash bin. Have of now only 3 gig left on my hard drive, but just before I deleted 14 gig of files, but it still says 3 gig on the hard drive.


The problem started all the sudden for maybe 14 days ago, where all the suddenly I needed to confirm by password that I wanted to empty my trash bin. So the problem seem to be related to that. But I can empty the trash bin without any problem after I enter my password, but it seems not to be deleted after all, since the hard drive still doesn't registrere this.


Have tried to use disktool and reparing of the harddrive and also controlling of the hard drive.... none of this helped.


Any other helpful tips, so I get this fixed?


Best regards



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)