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For the past few months my phone has been slowing down to a stand still.  I did a restore about a month ago.  That did not help.  I removed all pictures, videos, most of my apps, but this is still slow. 


Since February 2012 when you slide the phone to open all the apps look like they are updating.  I get the box with the blue line under the app.  Some times it will ask for my itunes password.  I am unable to repspond to text messages because I cannot get the phone to give me the keys to type.  I have to wait for it to load and load and load.  I just don't understand.  I cannot answer the phone most times unless I make sure the phone never goes to sleep. 


I cannot add any info into ical.  I get ical to open hit the +sign and it just sits.  If it gets a little further I cannot type in the info.  If I finally get to type in the info I cannot press done on the top of the phone.  It will just sit there.


I also notice that if I update my iPad or add an app to the iPad my iPhone asks for my itunes password as soon as I open my phone?


Sometimes I cannot even open my phone I slide it to unlock it but it just hangs.  I restart it but I still get the same thing.


I have the newest software and I have 8 gb available so I should have enough space.


Any help would be great.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.75 GHZ Intel Core i5